Timboon P-12 School (DEECD)

Bailey Street, Timboon

Masterplan then Stage 1 – Arts, Classrooms, Transport

Area 2,300sqm (1,500sqm new)

Cost $7,000,000

Completed In Design 2010

The master plan reduces the physical and visual separation between primary and secondary campuses by creating P-4, 5-8 and 9-12 ‘precincts’ with a common centre. Meaningful connections are made between existing and new buildings, with a new BER funded library to the south and the existing, two storey brick B1 to the north. The master plan reduces the existing over allocated floor area. The master plan is being developed in School Timboon.

Stage 1 works include the addition of two new buildings; the revitalization of an existing historic building to create an Arts Precinct; and the consolidation of deteriorating facilities. The new building ‘XXBox’, is a unique approach to classroom design, and set to create an important foundation for future development. A focus on research and experimentation has led to a set and combination of features missing in Timboon’s facilities.